About Us

The Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute was established by its founders and academic staff members, who possess extensive experience and expertise in the realms of architecture, urban planning, and the design of human living spaces, alongside socio-economic-cultural studies. In 2012, the institute achieved a notable milestone by obtaining an official license from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. This license holds definitive status, permitting the institution to operate both nationally and internationally from its headquarters in Tehran. The primary mission of the institute revolves around engaging in scientific research and professional activities within diverse domains, spanning various levels and scales on both national and international fronts. To realize this overarching objective, the institute warmly embraces collaboration with intellectuals, professionals, as well as young and talented individuals active in related fields. Furthermore, the institute seeks to establish robust networks with other scientific, professional, and executive establishments operating within the same spheres. It is noteworthy that the Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute proudly maintains its status as an official member and holds a position on the Board of Directors within the esteemed “Union of Non-Governmental Research Institutes of the Country.”This institute was forced to change its name due to the same name as an intra-university research institute with the same title (which was named after the name of this institute and caused problems), and this name change to “Institute for Farhang Shahr Studies” in coordination with The Ministry of Science is in progress.

Statement of Perspective and Vsion of The Institution

The shaykh Baha al-din Institute, now known as Farhang Shahr, Spatio-Environmental Advanced Studies, stands as a preeminent Non-Governmental institution dedicated to scientific research and executive endeavors. Its distinguished cohort comprises esteemed professors, researchers, and expert elites who collectively contribute their expertise to the domains of architecture, environmental design, planning, and spatial, environmental, and cultural development across various strata. An overarching ethos of self-reliance propels this group, inspiring their commitment to the recognition, preservation, and expansion of the realm of civilization. By prioritizing such endeavors, the institute has effectively bridged the divide between theoretical discourse and practical application in the relevant fields, thereby gaining recognition as a scientific and research authority. Moreover, its endeavors have filled the void arising from the absence of efficient indigenous scientific theories and methodologies. Facilitating synergistic collaborations, both nationally and internationally, the institute’s comprehensive activities have fostered systematic and purposeful cooperation with relevant institutions. Such dynamic and innovative interactions have further reinforced its impactful initiatives. Through unwavering dedication and targeted efforts, the institute has successfully orchestrated constructive movements aimed at fostering cultural development, targeted education, knowledge production, talent identification, societal engagement, and the commercialization of science and knowledge. Additionally, it has steadfastly supported students and young professionals in their pursuits. All these endeavors are carried out with a vision to contribute to the comprehensive and holistic development of the nation, from local to national and territorial scales.

Board Members

Dr. Nasser Barati
دکتر بابک داریوش

Dr. Babak Dariush

Dr. Seyed Ali Badri

Dr. Naser Bonyadi

Dr. Mehrdad Rahmani

Dr. Ahmad Azadi

Dr. Fatemeh Dastyar

Dr. Farzad Mirmojarabian

Strategic Advisory Committee

Dr. Mojtaba Rafieian

Dr. Hassan Ahmadi

Dr. Seyed Gholamreza Islami

Dr. Parvin Partovi

Dr. Shaho Sabbar