Theorizing is one of the peaks of science. Theories are mainly formed with an article, a book or by proposing a initial theory in a scientific circle and develop over time. Among the three methods of books, essays and initial theory design, the third one (initial theory design in the form of critique and debate sessions) will work faster if presented in a systematic framework because it has multimedia support. In addition, the theory presentation mechanism is considered in this system. The guardian of theorizing in Iran is the board of support for theorizing, criticism and debate chairs. General universities and government research institutes are mainly theorizing institutional committees in the country. Recently, with a developmental approach, a limited number of non-governmental research centers have received the authorization of the theorizing apparatus committee from this institution, of which Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute is one of those few centers. It is hoped that with the cooperation of academicians and scientific professionals, this scientific center will be able to fulfill its scientific and social mission in the development of science by proposing innovative and practical ideas.

Title of the Initial Theory:

PERSIAN-ARYAN TOWN, A sample model of an Iranian-Islamic city

About the Chair of Theorizing

  • Organizer: Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute
  • Venue: Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Kharazmi University
  • Permission to hold a chair: Secretariat for supporting criticism and theorizing chairs
  • Presenter: Dr. Nasser Barati: professor of Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute
  • Academic director of the meeting: Dr. Babak Dariush, assistant professor of Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute


  • Mr. Dr. Ali Movahed, Associate Professor of Geography and Tourism, Kharazmi University
  • Dr. Hassan Ahmadi, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Guilan University

Sponsors of the chair: UNESCO-Iran National Commission., Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Kharazmi University