Spatial Planning

What has been proposed and accepted as urban development in Iran has turned into one-dimensional measures and interventions due to the purely physical approach. In the spatial planning group in this research institute, it has been tried to take a holistic and spatial approach to the issue of environmental development. In such an approach, the institutionalization and internalization of culture and civilization at the top of environmental planning and planning, at any scale, is considered acceptable. In this way, construction by mass production method, relying on oil revenues, and relying on quasi-western models and models is considered against national interests and is considered comprehensive and comprehensive in contrast to endogenous development. In the spatial planning group, environmental identity and the discovery of open and hidden environmental/spatial capacities and potentials will be in the center of attention.

دکتر حسن احمدی

Head of Department
Dr. Hassan Ahmadi

academic staff

Dr. Pouya Nakhjirkan

Dr. Mohammad nikpeyma

Dr. Nadia Fallah

Dr. Mohsen Rouhani

MA. Mina Barati