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Over decades and centuries, this question has always been raised whether architecture is a science or an art. This is while there are definite and specific definitions of science and the criteria of being scientific or not, which have reached the consensus and approval of all people of science. But there is still no definite definition of art and a work is considered art. This issue has created the context of personal and tasteful perceptions regarding art. Architecture is a part of human life; Architecture built civilizations and is considered among the treasures of human societies; Man lives in architecture and is affected by it. Therefore, the lack of a scientific perspective makes it impossible to have a proper evaluation of it and cannot improve it or compare it with other sciences.The direct and indirect effects of the relationship between man and architecture and even man to man in architecture are immeasurable. Therefore, architecture should respond to the quality of life, comfort and peace of man. On the other hand, this science is strongly affected by pseudo-science, especially academic pseudo-science, which causes the holistic view of this science to be in jeopardy. Sometimes its technical aspects, sometimes its beauty and sometimes its economic aspects are highlighted. If, according to Iranian thought, architecture is a whole and has many tangible and intangible dimensions, mental and physical, and it should be studied and investigated with a holistic scientific view.

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Dr. Nasser Bonyadi

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دکتر بابک داریوش

Dr. Babak Dariush

Dr. Farzad Mirmjarabian

Dr. Rouhollah Rahimi

Ma. Amir Abbas Aboutalebi

Ma.Mohammad Reza Foruzandeh