The appointment of Dr. Babak Dariush as the head of the theorizing institutional committee Based on the visit to the research institute on May 23rd by the officials of the Criticism and Debate Theorizing Chairs office, Dr. Babak Dariush was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Institutional Committee for Theorizing of Shaykh Baha al-Din Research Institute most important tasks assigned the secretariat of supporting the theorizing, criticism and debate chairs:

  • Determining and approving the executive programs of universities and scientific centers in line with the production of science and holding chairs
  • Incentive systems to promote theorizing, innovation, criticism and debate seats
  • Setting up working groups or specialized committees in universities and scientific centers to hold chairs
  • Preliminary examination of draft letters and qualifications of referees and critics proposed by universities
  • Supervision of the good conduct of the courses (appointment of scientific supervisor and good execution supervisor)