Reconstruction and Revivalism Group

Almost all societies and countries of the world have been and are exposed to natural or human-centered accidents and disasters in some way. This fact shows the importance of reconstruction after disasters. Unfortunately, our country Iran is in a dangerous situation in this respect. All kinds of devastating natural disasters are more or less experienced in Iran. Eight years of war also caused a lot of destruction to the country in the modern era. An important part of environmental sustainability and resilience is also related to the issue of reconstruction. On the other hand, unfortunately, with the dominance of physical and physical views on the development of human environments, reconstruction after disasters is only about erecting and rebuilding bodies and buildings. Damage is limited. The post-disaster reconstruction and revitalization grouphas entered this field with this new approach, which, relying on a world view and holistic approach, considers the reconstruction of hardware and software of the environment in a single framework. act In this way, holistic restoration puts the before and after conditions of the natural environment, cultural, social, economic and physical conditions with a combined method simultaneously in the path of revitalization and restoration.

Head of Department

Dr. Mehrdad Rahmani

Academic Staff

Dr. Nasser Barati

Dr. Seyed Ali Badri

Dr. Fatemeh Dastyar

Dr. Marjan Montazeri

Dr. Yaser Hatami